Dr. DeSantis



Projects Past and Present

High School Level

Currently devising curriculum along with scope and sequence for NGSS in for the Ridgefield High School ScienceDept.

Current Chair of Ridgefield High School NEASC Curriculum Committee

Currently the chair of the Ridgefield High School Technology Committee

Created and performed professional development for iPad use in Science Department

Created and performed professional development for Chromebooks and Google Apps for Ridgefield High School and the Alternative High School

Currently creating STEM curriculum (Bio-chemistry and robotics) for the Alternative High School

Coordinated with Special Education teachers to meet the technology needed of students at both the high school and alternative high school

Course coordinator for College Prep. and Honors Physics

Organizer for the yearly Physics Cardboard Boat Race

Created and preformed professional development on paper usage

Wrote grants for Science Department equipment

Coached Electrathon electric race car team

Coached students for the Yale Physics Olympics

Instituted DIY “Do It Yourself” club for the promotion of technology creation and programing in high school age students

Consulted multiple departments and grade leveled on technology needs and services

Beta tester of Verner LabQuest equipment in real world classrooms before general release

Worked with the Ridgefield High School Reading Center to create website and database for student media

Created and implemented the Ridgefield High School Science TV station internship

College Level

Member of the Doctorate in Leadership Advisory Board

Technology Consultant for Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) Education and Education Psychology Department

Created and performed professional development for Doctoral Cohorts in research methods and technology

Created custom hardware and software for the WCSU Mixed-Reality Simulator

Current Facilitator for the WCSU Mixed-Reality Simulator

Presented research at the 2017 Northeastern Educational Research Association(NERA) conference

Was a guest speaker for an education conference at Western Connecticut State University in 2017

Additional Experience

Website creation (database and multimedia)

Multimedia creation: Video content, Podcasts, and web resources

Built custom computers and network systems

Created custom electronics hardware, for example modified computer controllers for individuals with disabilities

Computer Proficiency in the following

Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, Redhat, Fedora Core), Free BSD, iOS, and Android.

Software: Apple Final Cut Pro, LiveType, Motion, Cinema Tools, Adobe Premier and Photoshop Suite, Avid DNA, Liquid Suites, GarageBand, Affinity graphics suit, ProLogic, Avid ProTools, Compressor, Maple, Mathematica, SPSS, Quicken, Microsoft Office, and more